Jun. 18th, 2011

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The series have completely overtaken my brain.

Game of Thrones fandom has been amazing so far. I only had one little glitch in one of the Game of Thrones communities. I commented that I think that Renly/Loras sex scene is heavily into stereotypes. For some reason I had a person commenting to my comment and implying that I don't like people being out. What was even stranger, this commenter implied that I live in some forgotten part of the world . I had to explain that I ship Renly and Loras and that am glad that the show has their relationship in the open. But that I still find their sex scene using several stereotypes. This is may be my recent extensive obsession with reading m/m romances talking, or most likely my general dislike for any race, nationality, gender, sexuality, etc. stereotypes talking. But me saying that the scene is stereotypical is not in any way anything detrimental to my character, right? And it has nothing to do with the part of the world I live in? May be I am missing something, I am still puzzled.

Anyways, I didn't want to make a fuss in the community, so I commented back and was as light as possible, thinking as I always do that "may be this commenter had a bad experience with someone else". But here, in my own LJ, I can rant away. :D So, just for the record, I do not live in a forgotten part of the world. And anyways, what is wrong with other parts of the world ?

I do see a problem looming ahead, though. And it has to do with Robb.

It all starts with the show creator's decision to make everyone older. As a general rule, take away 10+ years from the age of any character and you'll get the book age. For some characters this makes sense, especially for Sansa and Dany. They both have storylines that would have freaked out the majority of the viewers if their characters were played by someone of the book age. Dany is 13 in the books and Sansa is 11. Imagine a 13-year old actress doing the "wedding night with drogo" scene? There would have been a mighty outcry. So instead we have actresses that are 22 and 15 which makes sense.

Then we have Robb. I am still a little puzzled by the huge popularity of Robb. I find the actor to be semi-attractive and good at acting (but I am yet to see an actor that is not good at acting in this show). He also has a heroic part to play in the season 1, "let's fight for the rights of the North" part, which I, as a person from the North, am really partial to. We do have a clear North/South divide here in the UK , you see :D. But I am a bit puzzled as to why he seems to be turning into such a pin-up. He is not that attractive, surely, not in "OMPH! he is so HOT!" way? But at the same time I personally like him, so why not?

The rest is spoilery , but I tried to be vague in spoilers and marked the spoilers with asterisks **** )

What do you think?
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Poor Sansa! But I find it unsuitably amusing that Sansa is taller than Joffrey (you little so-and-so, I wish you terrible and painful death!). :P I can't wait for the new episode but I am going to feel the loss when it ends. But nevermind, the new book is out in July! I still can't quite believe it, though.

PS: Because I always think of these things, I think about the actor that plays Joffrey, Irish actor Jack Gleeson. Personally, I think he is doing a great, even fabulous job. He did the creepiness so well! And his moment of tendeness with Sansa was so believable too! But the actor is so young! Won't he only get bad roles of horrible people from now on? And I do hope he is not going to be bullied or have anti-fans or anything crazy like this.


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