May. 20th, 2011

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I did make few posts complaining explaining various aspects of the show that I find lacking. May be this is a good time to list all the good things, things that I find to be better in the show than in the books. I have read the books some 6 years ago, and although I do not remember certain things 100% well, I remember the way I felt.

Catelyn : Is much more sympathetic and strong. In the book I perceived her as a person that made many quite terrible mistakes (one after another, one after another) and hated Jon Snow, with nothing really positive about her character to counteract the mistakes and the hate. I don't think her character was fleshed out too well in the books. But in the show, I think Catelyn comes across as most admirable, brave and rather fabulous woman.

Robb: Again, is much more sympathetic. And the actor is quite attractive. The book Robb? I always wondered what his character actually was, and never could get a grasp on it. A young boy with not too much intelligence? The show's Robb is much more sympathetic.

Tyrion: Although he has always been one of my 4 most beloved characters in the books, my love was somewhat theoretical. For the record, my top 4 favourite characters in the ASOIF books, in no order, are: Jon, Sandor, Tyrion and Brienne (All four of them in Cripples, Bastards, And Broken Things category). I like Jaime too, but only in the later books, so he is really the "tentative fifth" on the list. In the show, adding to my usual liking for Tyrion's character, I am actually experiencing a huge unexpected crush. I might start making icons with little hearts and "I luv u Tyrion" on them soon and do other embarrassing things, please bear with me when I do.

Littlefiger: I always hated his character, as in : "Give me your skinny neck, you filthy paedophile, I want to strangle you" (I am a mother of a 12-year old daughter, can't you tell) , but in the books I also didn't feel much interest towards him , plotsy compensating little men have never been of interest to me. But in the show, I love to hate him, he is so funny to watch. I do want his character to die a terrible death at some point and will enjoy all the jokes he makes in between.

To add, I love that the show gives credit to all the smaller character, like Bronn, Jory Cassel, Ben Stark, etc.

Spoilers: Book spoilers in the comments.


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