May. 18th, 2011

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I have been wondering about this for ages: everyone in the series looks so much older than I have imagined them to be, practically everyone. It bothers me in few cases , especially with Cersei who is supposed to be this undenied beauty of her kingdom, but as much as I think Lena H. is a gorgeous woman, she is not beautiful enough. I am also not happy that The Hound is so much older (although I like how Rory McCann plays him), but I fear The Hound's story is not going to be quite the same as in the books anyways.

There was a very interesting post in Russian "Game of Thrones" community, here, by [ profile] serebrenikoff.I added Bran's age myself.

In tangential note, whilst looking for GoT communities (as obsessed person I am), I also found French, Italian and Spanish GoT communities on Lj , which is awesome.

Here is the translated age table (please let me know if anything is not correct):
Character book age  TV age  Actor age  
Eddard Stark354052
Catelyn Stark343539
Robb Stark141725
Jon Snow141725
Sansa Stark111313
Arya Stark91111
Bran Stark71011(?)
Robert Baratheon364047
Joffrey Baratheon131318
Tyrion Lannister243040
Jaime Lannister323540
Cersei Lannister323537
Sandor Clegane27 (?)42
Theon Greyjoy191924
Viserys Targaryen 232027
Daenerys Targaryen131522
Jorah Mormont404049

I wonder if it is just me or if the fact that so many characters are older bothers anyone else?

Also, some of the characters are not in the list, please let me know if you know the ages in the book and TV for:

Petyr Baelish
Lysa Arryn
Barristan Selmy
Renly Baratheon

Spoilers: Some book spoilers in the comments


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