May. 16th, 2011

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Disclaimer: I had a misunderstanding in one of my previous posts (I might have complained too much and didn't make myself clear), so I felt compelled to write this to explain my positions:

1. I want (and always wanted) "A Song of Ice and Fire" to be adapted into a TV show. I like books adapted into TV and movies, the more the better.

2. Overall, I like HBO's The Game of Thrones, so far my ratings are just under 7/10.

3. I think the fact that I notice and express some shortcomings of the TV show does not make me an "evil complainer" or a "traitor to the cause".

4. I like to discuss differences between the TV show Game of Thrones and the books.

Game of Thrones, episode 5: This was a really good episode Why weren't the first four like this?

I am still not quite sure why we had to watch 3 minutes of Theon Greyjoy's having sex with some nameless person or why we had to see numerous naked breasts.

But my main concern is that the show is attempting to make Cersei much more sympathetic than she is in the books. I generally don't like the way Lena Headey plays Cersei. To start with, she is not beautiful enough (and she has that atrocious wig). But the main thing is: she is much much softer than Cersei I remember from the book. I tell you why I am worried: Book spoilers )

Other, really short comments:
- I always hated Baelish in the books, but in the show his character is becoming someone I love to hate. Still, the creators of the show are making his character much bigger than in the books, at the expense of other characters.

- The show is making Ned much less sympathetic than he was in the books.

- The tournament scene with Loras, the Mountain and the Hound was fantastic (apart from the horse beheading). Even though I knew the spoilers, I had goose bumps, I was so afraid for Loras. The Mountain is another great casting, so scary.

- I am seriously enjoying the idea of a gay romance between Renly and Loras. This was not in the books, but it is a good addition to the story, fits in with the characters. However, both Loras and Renly are much uglier than they have been described in the books. I also thought that the "gay" scene was overly stereotypical, with emphasis on what can be considered stereotypical "queenly" behaviour.

- Arya chasing cats was such an adorable scene. All Stark kids are really wonderfully cast and joy to watch.

- Not enough Jaime in this episode

I have been thinking that one of the main themes of the series is various physical deformities. This might be a trigger factor for some people, but I think the theme is handled exceptionally well.

Spoilers: Episode 5 of the HBO show


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