May. 14th, 2011

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I have caught up with the 4th episode of "The Game of Thrones" and also have watched few episodes of "Borgias". Both shows fall in a surprisingly same category: murder, betrayal, torture and incest for the sake of a Throne, the Throne of Westros or the Holy Throne of Vatican. Let me put my thoughts in order:

The Game of Thrones:

The episode 4 was the best so far and the issues with the speed of the narrative have been almost resolved. I still find the sound work to be odd, but this must be intentional, the sound seems to be that of a radio play. I realised why the show seems slower than it is: the unusual format of one-hour episodes feels a little different.

I adored Sam Tarly (another great casting), and scruffy Jon with Sam as his best friend is finally becoming Jon I like.

It appears that the creators are not among the fans of one of the popular ASOIF parings , Sansa and Sandor (the Hound). I will not be surprised if the show will shift the focus from Sansa/Sandor to another potential pairing, Sansa and Baelish. I could notice some hints to this in the episode 4. Why? I am yet to meet a person who likes Sansa with Baelish. Take me right, I know that not every fan of "A Song of Ice and Fire" is a fan of Sansa/Sandor pairing like me. This is just one of the aspects of the show, but the fact that Sandor told Sansa his story which he never told anyone before was really a pivotal moment for his character, as [ profile] baleanoptera noted. Putting his story (something that no-one knew but him) in someone else's mouth is going to make a huge impact on his character.

On the whole, I decided on three things:

1. This adaptation might not become my "definitive" adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire series. But again, it might do so in some years to come. I don't feel obliged not to notice the shortomings just because it is an adaptation of the book I like, but I am keeping an open mind.

2. I will take this show as it comes and judge it on it's own merits.

3. At the end of the day, good books are often adapted numerous times.

The Borgias:

I have seen 4 episodes and I am in that "OMPH! Where has this show always been?" , over the moon in love phase. The first episode was the weakest (quite slow moving in few places) , but from the second episode forward the show has become just the way I love my shows: brutal, intelligent, fast moving, honest and twisty. Everyone who recommended this show to me: my huge thanks! I like Canadian shows, I really do.

I think the costume designer, the camera men, the title sequence designer, the music director and whoever is responsible for the settings of "The Borgias" are all geniuses. I just get pure physical pleasure at watching (and listening). I want to treasure every single visual shot and sound of the show.

But the lead actors are probably the main factor of the success, especially François Arnaud as Cesare and Jeremy Irons as Rodrigo. And Cesare’s assassin (palyed by Sean Harris?) is also exceptional.

In short: I am sorry, "The Game of Thrones", you are a good, worthy of watching and discussing show and I am absolutely continuing watching you too, but if I am to compare you with "The Borgias", "The Borgias" win for me at the moment.

Happy birthday, [ profile] ancarett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you had a lovely day! I wish you many many happy days and fulfillment of all your wishes!

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UK is doing well in voting. The world is coming to an end!!!!

Edit: so the winners are Azerbaijan. One of those strange Eurovsion "wins by numbers" - I don't think anything stood out to me about this performance at all.


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