Apr. 14th, 2011

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I have finally made my mind about my favourite pairing in Nikita: it is Michael/Alex all the way!!!! Thom has died, Nikita is one-woman-bullet, and we have scenes like the one below between Alex and Michael:

I also got to the Russian-heavy parts of the show and I am so disappointed. Russian language was really quite terrible in these episodes: I could not understand a thing. What happened to not-so-terrible Russian of the earlier episodes?

And they missed elementary things like the fact that Russian surnames change the ending depending on the gender of the person. For example, any males with the same surname will be Udinov, but any females will be Udinova, with the "a" on the end which is clearly pronounceable. So Alex, of course, will be Alexandra Udinova. I must say: things like that bother me even more than the language. This means the creators haven't done any elementary research. This bother me even more than the terribleness of the language or the fact that Russians communicate using bad English when they are alone, instead of .. you know.. Russian?

At the same time! Alex is a daughter of Russian oligarch! Her father was "well creepy" as my daughter said, but her full name is Alexandra!

I might be wrong, but poor Nathan is so destined to die, he is most definitely just a filler character created with the sole purpose to be killed by Division.

I just got to the episode 17! Spoilers for the episode 17 )


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