Feb. 8th, 2011

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"The King’s speech" is definitely a good film that I would recommend to everyone . Let’s talk about the good things first: it made me, the old “communist born and bred” girl to care for the Royal family! And just in time for the Royal wedding. My usual views on the Royal family are simple and complex at the same time: on my non-grumpy days I acknowledge semi-usefulness of the Royal Family for the purposes of generation of national income, on my grumpy days I am the first one to shout: let’s get rid of them all. But even the old hardened me can’t resist Mr. Darcy Colin Firth as King George VI. Besides, film is absolutely delicious in it’s adherence to the little historical details (there were Welsh Corgis in every shot!).

But, I noticed that the film is nominated for an Oscar , and my personal opinion is that it didn't have anything particularly Oscar-worthy (apart from Colin Firth’s performance) . The main theme is not something particular new, even though I am very fond of “victory of human spirit and friendship over obstacles” stories myself.

One big problem I had with the film was it's cinematography. It can be the problem of our local cinema, but the film was very very dark, to the point where I had to strain my eyes to be able to see anything. May be the UK is not the sunniest of the countries and pre- WW2 years weren’t the happiest , but I can’t accept the blatant overuse of symbolism in this case. Not when I can’t see the lovely Corgi doggies properly, at least.

My personal brow-rising moment of the film was the way Wallis Simpson was portrayed. Now, I am of the school of thought that Edward VIII was not at all suited to be a King, and even more – I think he didn’t want to be a King all that much. But all this said, portraying Wallis Simpson as one-dimensional floozy is strange. No person is one-dimensional.


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