Feb. 2nd, 2011

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One of the best things about Korean drama is that one can predict how it will end, especially "who is going to end up with whom in love triangles and quadrangles" with very very high probability. Kdrama is a kind of genre that is very highly formulaic.

Quite often the answer to the question "who is the OTP of the story" is in the titles (character listings).
My recipe: Take the character listings for a drama from DramaWiki, this is one of most accurate resources, or Soompi. Pay particular attention to the order of characters:

1. Example one: this is the order that is used most often in romantic dramas (85% of cases) : OTP (male + female) characters are listed as first and second. Pay attention to any giveaway relationship diagrams as the one in the example below (Secret Garden). In a drama like this, there is absolutely no chance for the guy that is listed as the third character to get the “main” girl. He can, however, sometimes have his own OTP (please see the rule 4 about instincts)
Pictorial evidence )

2. Example two: second most often used distribution: the first and the second character listed are of the same gender. Kdrama is not yet THAT advanced as far as the same-sex OTPs are concerned. The fact that the characters listed as the first and the second are both female or both male means that for some reason the creators consider those two are the two main characters. In a situation like this usually the second and the third character form an OTP. Examples: "Women of the sun", "Chuno", but sometimes the first and the third character form an OTP ("Stranger than Paradise").
Pictorial evidence )

3. Example 3: Family dramas. Because the characters are listed by families, it is hard to predict the OTPs. Examples: Baker King, Gloria, etc.

4. Most of all, trust your instincts. Is the girl continuously pining for some guy even though the other guy is probably a better match for her? Is she constantly bickering with a guy and "hates" him? These are clear and sure signs of OTP, and so are: accidental kisses and hugs of any kind (please observe the reaction of the person hugged – is he/she enthralled? or uncomfortable/friendly?) Some other golden rules are: families will not be broken (unless one of the marriage partners is truly horrible).

5. There are actors that break the rules. You much watch out for them, because no matter what, their character will "get the girl" at the end. I am talking about Park Shi Hoo of course, and Kim Nam Gil. These guys have that mysterious charisma that tends to blind fans and directors alike, to extent of changing intended endings

Hehe! Of course, everything is not that serious and predictable. And may be somewhere along in the future Korean directors/producers might decide to list the characters alphabetically.

Also, I wonder – do you have any good tips on kdrama ending predictions? I would love to hear more!


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