Jan. 31st, 2011

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Having finished "Secret Garden", I finally remembered what this drama reminds me of. "Lovers in Paris"! Eureka! And to my further no-surprise, these two dramas are written by the same writer (and so are "Lovers" and "Lovers in Prague"). Now then, ladies and gentlemen, I adore "Lovers" in all shape and form, these are three highly delicious "traditional" Kdramas, and "Secret Garden" does not disappoint.

In the last 5 episodes of "Secret Garden" we find out what the body swap is for. Let me tell you this story in full because it is such a good fun:

Past: Raim’s (girl) father was a fire-fighter. The father died saving JooWon (guy) out a lift of a burning building.

Present:The young ones meet and fall in love. Accidental (or not so accidental) body swap happens between the two of them and they learn to control it. Raim is a stunt woman, so one day she is injured and falls into coma. JooWon arranges another body swap because he wants to GIVE HIS LIFE FOR HERS. In the process, he disconnects her life support (it was not needed, you see), and takes her to a location far far away. In the far away location, a big thunder storm happens (rain is the catalyst for body swap) , Raim wakes up in JooWon’s body. And after that JooWon wakes up and has an amnesia. I will not tell you more because I don’t want to spoil.
Hee! This story is so outlandish that it is incredible fun. Fortunately I do not watch kdramas for the sake of believability. Besides, let me tell you, after watching an amazing Dutch show "Myth Busters" on holidays, I am very sceptical of believability of many Hollywood movies and TV shows too. Anyways, I do not watch anything just for the sake of believability. And sometimes more outlandish is better, so I watched and enjoyed several makjang, even "Temptation of an Angel".

There was a new unexpected minus in the second half:
- Raim, who seemed to be quite a fiesty lady in the first half, had taken to crying in the second.

But there was an extra plus too:
+ The second half of JooWon's cousin Oska’s story turned out to be even more awesome than the first.

Anyways, on the whole this was good fun, my ratings: 7/10. Dramas to watch if you liked this are "Lovers in Paris" (very similar, some fantasy element, but no body swap) and "Temptation of an Angel" (if you like coma stories).

My prediction: This is not the last time body swap happens in kdrama, and not the last time we are goign to see :
a) a guy imagining a girl walking next to him wherever he goes;
b) kisses happening in the middle of huge "high society" parties.

PS : my open letter to Hyun Bin : Dear Hyun Bin, please eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do not skip meals: a good doze of bacon can be good, not bad.


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